Highly efficient absorbents as universal solution for application after accidents or leakages

Accidents and leakages happen every day. According to that the right prevention is necessary to minimize the damage and to avoid serious consequences. This is true for your workplace, the environment and the personal safety of each.
SORB XT is a purely natural absorbent – proved for applications on every surfaces. Therefore SORB XT meets all requirements of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Reactor Safety (types I, II, III-R SF).

Chemicals and emulsions

100% absorption of alcoholic substances, organic solvents, turpentine and petroleum ether.

Oils and lubricants

100% absorption of crude oil, heavy oil, engine oil, hydraulic oil, oil-based lubricants, kitchen oil, animal fat, liquid paraffin, petroleum


100% absorption of gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel

Colours and further materials

100% absorption of oil-based colours and paints, antifreezers, brake fluids, dyes, coolants

Our key to success
We are driven to create further added values with our attitudes and products. Our motivation are powerful, effective and economic activities – every day. This applies for all the customers, our company and the environment.

Ask the experts

Either for preventive measures or for combats of bigger and smaller disasters: Our team will gladly advise and support you if there are any questions regarding the application and options of SORB XT products.
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Technical service
+49 2154 815 700
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